• Simply The Best
    The best INDUSTRY
    and TRADING corp in New Eden.
  • Data Analytics and Market Prediction Model
    We rely on DATA
    to DECIDE which items are profitable.
  • Modern Manufacture and Research Facility
    We own EXTENSIVE collections
  • Employee Incentive Program
    SUBSIDIZED PLEX, free BPCs, and
    0% industry tax for our employees.

About Us ISK 100b+ revenue in just 2 months

PT. Maju Mundur was founded in YC119/02/06 by 2 professional traders.

After spending some time sitting at Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant while trading billions and billions of ISKs, they came to a solid conclusion on how the market works: patterns.

By manually analyzing how the ISK flows between buy/sell orders, PT. Maju Mundur aims to become the most prominent trading company in New Eden.

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TOP REASONS TO WORK Reasons to work with us


PLEX incentive program

Blueprint buyback program

Ship and cargo replacement program

Really fair profit sharing

  • We Always do Quality Work

    We don't manufacture items with little to no profit. Those items are garbage. We only aim for great profit.

  • WE DEAL WITH Multi Projects

    We don't restrict what you can produce in our factory. You can build whatever you want as long as they are profitable.

  • We Always use Updated Tech

    Backed with strong knowledge in IT, our high-tech platform enables our engineers to work efficiently without hassles.

  • Maximum Profits With Least Effort

    Tired of getting 50m to 100m ISK per hour from ratting? We make a lot more than that with much less effort.

Let's see our activities Our Industry Activities


We build things, from ships to modules to structures.


Tech II research and manufacture is not always profitable, but we'd still do it anyway.

Market Manipulation

Ever wonder how the price for certain items could change dramatically? It could be us who did it.

Since March YC119 - 6 years ago

See the talents Meet our team

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Celengan Babi Founder

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Pisau Kubu Founder

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Thallos Huren Team Leader

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Gr Vaan Associate

We are committed to deliver the best services

What They Say About Us Testimonials & Clients

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My alt works there.

Ledarac Kubu, Aliastra
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My alt works there as well.

Agastya Ergs, WiNGSPAN Delivery Services
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Nuada Aras, Pandemic Horde Inc.